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Linh tinh

Okayo EN-7275NW

Feature: Wide Dynamic Range
CMOS Type: Aptina Imaging CMOS
CMOS Model: 1/3″ 3.0 Mega Pixel
HD Output: 1080P:2048×1536P
Image Adjustable: 720P:1280×720P; D1:640×480
Illumination: Color: 0.1Lux/BW:0.01Lux(F1.2,AGC ON)
IR Distance: 40m (42pcs black IR LED)
Shutter Speed: 1/60Sec~ 1/100,000Sec,Shutter Speed Adjustable
Lens: Standard: 4-9 mm(F1.2 /M12)Mega Pixel HD Lens
Exposure Control: DSP Auto Adjust
AGC & WB: AGC:Auto (high, media, low), White Balance:Auto,Close
S/N Ratio: ≥50dB
Network Steadiness: Auto Reconnect, Register, UPNP,  HB Display,  Synchronization
Support Agreement: Suppport Onvif2.0, PPPOE, DHCP, TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP, RTP/RTCP, RTSP, UPNP, SMTP, FTP,NTP, DDNS, DNS etc.
Dual Stream: Dual Stream Transfer(H.264,CBR/VBR Adjustable; Main Stream(1M~8Mbps)With Local Skim, SD Card etc.; Sub-Stream (0.5MK~2Mbps) With Network Transfer, 3G Visit.
Support: POE, P2P, TF Card Storage, WIFI
Mouse Zoom: Click Any Rectangle Area and Zoom In or Zoom Out on the Image by Mouse
Vandal Resistant: High Strength Aluminium Casting Alloy,“0°Warp Ray Rate” Acrylic Gauge Cover
4-Axis Adjustment: Built in 4-Axis bracket, adjust the surveillance angle at any position easily
Waterproof Grade: constant force soft plug at fitting up joint, IP66
Intelligent Alarm: Motion detect, Video Shelter, I/O Alarm for Video Lost, IP Address Conflict, Store Abnormal.
Video Effective Pixel: 1280*1080
Video Frame Rate: 50Hz/60Hz: 25fps、30fps、50fps、60fps are optioanal
Image Capture: JPEG for Local Storage
Image Setting: Saturation, Luminance, Contrast Ratio Adjustable Through Client or IE
Audio Encoding: With G.726/G.722/G.711 Standard Code,64Kbps Transfer Speed
Audio Function: Audio broadcast Audi playback
Alarm: 1ch Alarm Input 1ch Alarm Output
Audio: 1ch Audio Input 1ch Audio Output
RS485: 1ch RS485 Mount
Network Mount: 1c h 10M/100MEthernet mouth, RJ45 Mount
Video Output: 1ch local Analog Output, BNC Interface.
Working Enviroment: Enviroment Temperature-10℃~+60℃ Camera Temperature: 25℃~35℃ Humidity:<90%
Power Consumption: DC 12V±5% , IR LED ON(max): 5W
Size(mm): 155 × 155 × 130 mm
Weight: Net Weight:1.35 Kg~1.40 Kg
Made in Japan

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